Rules of the Club

General Rules

  1. Private lessons are not permitted on the grounds at any time.
  2. Riding on the grounds is only permitted during an organized club activity or event.
  3. Helmets and boots must be worn when mounted.
  4. Dogs must be on a leash at all times whilst on the grounds.
  5. Lunging is only permitted on the area behind the tie up stalls not on the grassed arenas.
  6. When competing at an open gymkhana a current height certificate must be presented when nominating.
  7. Measurers will be on the grounds at several of our events each year.
  8. All members must do several roster duties, these can be done by parents or friends etc. Please remember this is a condition of your membership. Roster duties include penciling at events, helping in the canteen, running drinks out to the judges and picking up result sheets, setting up and dismantling arenas.
  9. Children 17 years and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when competing or attending rallies. Parents/Guardians must sign the register upon arrival at the club and sign out again if leaving early.
  10. On rally day all riders must come into the clubrooms to register prior to the rally starting. Please order your lunches at this time including parents and visitors.
  11. If you wish to represent the club at outside pony club events you must have attended three rallies as a horse/rider combination prior to the close of entries of that event.
  12. It is recommended that all members become members of the St John Ambulance or have private medical cover. Adult riders are not covered by personal accident insurance.
  13. The tie up stalls are to be used firstly by members who ride in on rally days. Others are to tie up at their floats.
  14. No alcohol to be consumed on the grounds.

Pony Club Uniform

  1. Cream jodhpurs - banana coloured will not be permitted at inter-club activities.
  2. Long sleeved light blue shirt - rally and competition uniform.
  3. Maroon tie.
  4. Maroon windcheater (available from the club).
  5. Safety Helmet ASA/NZS 3838.
  6. Riding Boots - long boots or jodhpur boots. Soles must be smooth and continued to the heel – no half soles.
  7. No Jewellery whatsoever - watch and Pony Club badge excepted.
  8. Pony Club Badge (available from the club) - should be positioned on the V of your jumper.
  9. Hair neatly secured/restrained - in a hairnet if longer than shoulder length.